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Swim England Surrey

Volunteers' Coordinator: Justine Ryan


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Volunteers Sign-Up

The Swim-Meet Volunteers' Sign-Up software allows volunteer coordinators to distribute a sign-up web address for volunteers to sign up.

Volunteers enter their availability.

The coordinator and volunteer receive an email when volunteers sign up.

All the replies are collated with various reports for the coordinator.

Multiple coordinators can have accounts.

Different options available to set-up the volunteer software to work as you want it to. For example, the host club could configure the system to allow the volunteer to choose and assign their own job at sign-up. Alternatively, it could be set up for the volunteer to only request a job and the administrator to assign the job. The administrator can always override a job allocation.

Swim-Meet is GDPR compliant. The Swim-Meet privacy policy is here. Data is stored securely, it won’t be given to anybody and the volunteer has the right to see what data is held about them and correct or delete it here.

Lots of extra features to help the process.



Wycombe District Swimming Club

The system is brilliant and saves me hours. I like the fact that I can make changes online and with full sight of what is going on throughout the meet.

Wycombe District Swimming Club Referee

Shropshire ASA

A great piece of software, it has made my job as officials' coordinator easier. Also, the officials signing up for the meet thought it was easier too.

Shropshire Officials' Coordinator

Cambs ASA

We are very pleased with Swim-Meet. It is a very good piece of software that supports volunteers with their competitions.

Cambridgeshire ASA Chairman

City of Norwich Swim Club

The system is great and really useful to gather offers from volunteers.

City of Norwich Swim Club Meet Promoter

Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club

The Swim-Meet software has made it so much easier to keep processes succinct.

Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club Officials' Coordinator

Poole Swimming Club

I thoroughly enjoyed using the Swim-Meet portal. The Swim-Meet software allowed me to stay in contact with all officials along with ensuring we were quorate across all sessions.

Poole Swimming Club Officials' Coordinator

March Marlins Swim Club

Swim-Meet software for officials has been great for getting officials to sign up.

March Marlins Officials' Coordinator

Photos of the officials are by Liakada Photography