Visiting clubs and coaches

If you are a visiting club or coach you will receive a link to withdraw your swimmers. If you have not received the link:
  • Before the meet

    Please email or the meet administrator for the link to be resent.

  • At the meet

    The AOE desk will have a QR code you can scan on your phone to load your withdrawal link.


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Swimmer withdrawals

Each session has a cut-off time after which time withdrawals are no longer accepted.

Clubs receive a unique link to withdraw their swimmers.

Visiting clubs withdraw their swimmers online rather than filling in withdrawal forms or the swimmers signing-in. The visiting and host club receive a confirmation email. If necessary, the coach can re-instate the swimmer. They can do this for any session that is open for withdrawals.

When the deadline for withdrawals for the session has past, the host club has an ordered list of swimmers to withdraw from each race and can seed the heats.

Multiple coordinators can have accounts.

Saves time ---- Reduces errors ---- Less empty lanes .